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Narayan Vyas, an academician at Vivekananda Global University, specializes in computer science, focusing on IoT and Mobile App Development. He has trained over 1000 students globally and published extensively in Scopus journals. An active IEEE member, his research interests include Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.

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Quantum Machine Learning: Quantum Algorithms and Neural Networks

Quantum Machine Learning: Quantum Algorithms and Neural Networks

Price: 144,95 € | Publisher: De Gruyter

Editors: Pethuru Raj, Houbing Herbert Song, Dac-Nhuong Le, Narayan Vyas

Projected Release Date: August 2024 | Copyright: © 2024 | Language: English | Categories: Technology, AI

ISBN: 978-3111342092Coming Soon

Quantum computing has shown a potential to tackle specific types of problems, especially those involving a daunting number of variables, at an exponentially faster rate compared to classical computers. This volume focuses on quantum variants of machine learning algorithms, such as quantum neural networks, quantum reinforcement learning, quantum principal component analysis, quantum support vectors, quantum Boltzmann machines, and many more.

Provides an overview of the basic concepts, preliminaries, and principles of quantum computing and machine learning. Presents the most advanced and well-known quantum machine learning and optimization algorithms.

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