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Narayan Vyas, an academician at Vivekananda Global University, specializes in computer science, focusing on IoT and Mobile App Development. He has trained over 1000 students globally and published extensively in Scopus journals. An active IEEE member, his research interests include Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.

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EdTech Platform 1
EdTech Platform 2
  • FlutterFlutter
  • DartDart
  • FirebaseFirebase
  • NodeJSNodeJS
  • Google CloudGoogle Cloud
Project Details
Duration5 months
Start Date2023-01-01
ClientEmil Williams

EdTech Platform is a web app that connects students with tutors around the world. Students can find qualified tutors in various subjects, skills and hobbies, all from the comfort of their own homes. The platform offers a user-friendly experience with a focus on flexibility. Students can easily search for tutors, schedule lessons at their convenience, and even reschedule or cancel if needed.

Initial Challenges

Launching EdTech Platform requires establishing trust with both students and tutors. This includes ensuring robust security measures, verifying tutor qualifications, and fostering a user-friendly platform that prioritizes clear communication and a positive learning experience.


EdTech Platform's strategy centers on building a strong user base through targeted marketing for students and aggressive tutor recruitment with a focus on verification and diverse expertise. This two-pronged approach ensures a rich learning environment that caters to a wide range of student needs.

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